30 September 2022

Recharge Software: A Revolution In The Recharge Industry



You can hardly imagine your life without smartphones. And it is harder to imagine your life without an internet connection. So, mobile recharge plays an important role in making our life easy and effective. Recharge software helps mobile users to recharge or pay bills with a few clicks. Moreover, this recharge software is based on APIs like LAPU API, which allows them to recharge cellular and DTH SIM cards. 

According to statistics, mobile data traffic is expected to reach 77.5 Exabytes per month worldwide at an annual growth rate of 46 percent. As more people are shifting towards decentralized recharge systems, maintaining the performance of these systems becomes really important. Let’s first understand the definition of mobile recharge software. 

What Is A Mobile Recharge Software?

Mobile recharge software is a platform that allows you to perform recharge operations. The platform allows you to recharge different telecom numbers and pay bills. Nowadays the advanced version of mobile recharge software is also trending which is the multi-recharge software. 

This software uses Robo API to provide recharge services to the users. It can help you to meet the varied requirement of the customer. Let’s have a look at the services provided by mobile recharge software.

Services Provided By Mobile Recharge Software

There are multiple services that you can enjoy in a single multi-recharge software. The recharge software offers DTH and Data Card recharge services. Here are some of the services that you can get with mobile recharge software.

DTH Recharge: You can enjoy your seamless DTH experience by recharging your DTH frequently using the mobile recharge software. It works for all the major DTH service providers like Reliance, Dish TV, Big TV, Hathway Digital TV, Tata Sky, etc. 

Instant mobile Recharge: It provides an easy and instant mobile recharge for all the major operators in India. The software allows you to recharge your operators like VI, Jio, Reliance Jio, etc. A Lapu recharge modem helps you to recharge across various platforms. 

Data Card Recharge: You can also recharge your data cards using mobile recharge software. Enjoy an uninterrupted internet connection and recharge your Data card with the recharge software anytime. 

These are some of the services that you can get from mobile recharge software. Let’s have a look at the benefits of mobile recharge software.

Benefits Of Mobile Recharge Software

Multi recharge software are offering many benefits to the customers as well as the service providers. So, these benefits are majorly divided into:

Benefits to the customers:

  1. It supports all the major telecom operators available in India

  2. It is made on the basis of Lapu API and covers all the major types of recharge like DTH, mobile, and Data Card

  3. In order to complete different types of recharge, you don’t have to visit different types of recharge

  4. Instant mail or SMS for every recharge

  5. Instant recharge facility available, no need to stand in the queue and wait

  6. The online mobile recharge software is available anywhere, anytime

Benefits offered to the service providers

  1. Along with the customers, there are multiple benefits that are provided to the service providers 

  2. You can easily use the software for registration, logging in, changing passwords, or logging out

  3. Good commission on every successful recharge

  4. You can create multiple accounts of the retailer with the help of this software

  5. Install the fund reversal for any failure                                                                                   

These are some of the benefits that you get from mobile recharge software. Let’s have a look at the future of the mobile recharge business. 

Future of Mobile Recharge Business

As the demand for mobile recharges is increasing day by day so the demand for recharge software will be hype. A Lapu API provider ensures the smooth functioning of your mobile recharge software. The mobile recharge software scene is going to reach a new level in the upcoming years. Companies like Ezytm technologies provide mobile recharge development services to build strong mobile recharge software.

The service providers are empowering the networks, simply with the software and an application on phone. Let’s have a look at the importance of API in the mobile recharge business. 

Importance of Application Programming Interface

There is an importance of API in supporting a mobile recharge business. An API supports the mobile recharge business by allowing them to recharge different operators. 

  1. Excellent quality of the service with the maximum uptime

  2. Single E wallet: You don’t have to maintain separate stock for each of the providers

  3. 24*7 billing available for all types of providers

  4. You do not require a minimum deposit and the balance maintenance required

  5. You get operator transaction if with every recharge

  6. The round pay service covers all the major service providers of DTH and mobile

  7. You do not need any major investment to start a recharge business and bill payment service. You can start this business by investing some amount of money. 

  8. The mobile recharge API provides you with great value addition to the existing website or business. With m-robotic API you can ease your task of mobile recharge. 

Working of APIs

Using an API you can easily recharge your prepaid mobile, DTH Recharge, FasTag, and make bill payments for Water, Electricity, Municipal Taxes, Gas, etc. This interface allows you to place your recharge orders of multiple values. You can then easily process the recharge and the amount would be automatically deducted from your wallet. 

Also, you can easily view your available balance, recharge history, a commission earned, and the status of the recharge on your waller page. We are also offering APIs for Insurance Premium Payment, Google Pay vouchers, and many more brand vouchers. Let’s have a look at the final thoughts. 


The importance of mobile recharge software is at its peak in the current scenario. Everyone wants to recharge their mobile number using various recharge software. Using the Lapu API you can easily recharge different operators and process the recharge easily. Ezytm technologies provide mobile recharge software development services for businesses seeking the growth in mobile recharge business.