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With a complete array of tools and detailed data that you can access from any device, EzyTm technologies allows you to monitor the effectiveness and operation of your diverse team and work-from-home personnel.The time tracking software is far more than a resource for catching employees dozing at the working hours. It is a solution that is up to date and remain consistent in providing a better services for the business owner to have a steady track on to their customer activities and the time spent by them on the devices in the zone of working period.

The tracking software allows the user to have a commendable management source at the departmental level that aids in bringing a clear monitoring of network from a prime central location. The system proves to be an enhanced environment for employees where the company admin can check on the average capability of the latter and so works on improving them. With such amenities, the EzyTm technologies gives you the best of advantages associated with the tracking software solution which offers superiority in performance to the company source and the client’s aspect.

Furthermore, linking with our on-point top class services let the business to run on a fast pace profitable passage. We make the compiling client’s problems by tracking them instantly with the vital key metrics a breeze. You can easily continue your research on the tracking software tools and bug trackers with our services.

Optimize your mobile and contact time with a system which might revolutionize your way of promoting your business. Give self access to the business tracking software which is used by millions of individuals for dealing with customers.

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Employee Automated Time Tracking Software

  1. Simple User Interface
  2. Know Your Numbers with Real-Time Reports
  3. Improve Remote Communications with Mobile Access
  4. Employee Productivity Boosting
  5. Accurate Time Tracking
  6. Improve Organizational Management
  7. Live Screenshot Capturing
  8. Optimise Productivity with Employee Self Service
  9. Software generated reports
  10. Increase Time Card Accuracy with Automated Data Collection
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Employee Time Tracking Software

Increase Profitability

Hold the grip on complete visibility and entire control on the activities of your employees by connecting to EzyTm technologies where you can detect and resolve weak points in processes and decrease wasted time on unproductive activities thus enhancing the profitability spectrum where you spend more time actively on improving the aspects that matters the most.

Set Clear Objectives

EzyTm creates a tracking software that enable the customers and the business admins to manage the system amidst a more adaptable, scalable and dependable manner. By setting on the clear objective goals, business aims in bringing an improved and healthy customer interaction that collaborates to give a developed long-term partnership increasing your return on investment.

Enhance Profitability

We at EzyTm technologies ensure to empower the core strength of employees working atmosphere. We try to enhance the self awareness of the employees through gradual notifications and keeping a consistent eye on their working performance at different levels. Moreover, the employees are able to see how their own performance affects the overall performance of the company.

Provide Transparency

We enable the owners as well as the customer to have a full to check on the system operations going on within the business devices. There is a 100% reliability provided to both the parties with commendable services that aids in managing an efficient customer tracking system software within the real-time channels.

Improves Productivity

With EzyTm, you can keep a track of your employees’ whereabouts on a daily basis. Also, the business gets an easy optimization peak performance period which enables the system to reduce the amount of time squandering and eliminating unnecessary downtime. Our time tracking software allows the customer to remove stumbling blocks in there platform and increase the team’s dedication ratio.

Reduced Costs

Get rid of those manual workload and pressure which always crated a fret in your life because EzyTm technologies is there for you to offer the customer with a completely automated solution which overall tends to saves your time and money from unproductive arrangements to the productive ones.


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