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Money Transfer API solution using IMPS technology from Ezytm Pvt.Ltd.

Money Transfer API solution using IMPS technology from Ezytm Pvt.Ltd. is one of the best and most challenging services in jaipur. To send money on behalf of your clients, become a DMTS (Domestic Money Transfer Software) retailer. The majority of citizens are still unaffiliated with the bank. The number of banks in a country or semi-urban area is still quite limited. If a consumer goes to the bank to transfer money to his relatives, he will have to wait in line for a long period. This is why consumers choose to send money through a DMTS business.

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Create your own Money Transfer Software using APIs and White Label APIs for b2b money portals. Distributors and retailers should be created.

  1. Best Features (For Customers)
  2. Instant Fund Transfer: IMPS allows you to send money to any bank in the world at any time (24/7), including on weekends and holidays.
  3. No Documents: No documents (identity or address proof) are required to open an account or transfer funds. To register and verify, all you need is a mobile phone number.
  4. Easy & Suitable: Instead of incisive or standing in line, you can simply go to any neighbouring retailer. Agents can assist in the immediate transmission of funds to the intended recipient.
  5. Save Your Time: You can approach your agent at your leisure or phone him for assistance. You may save time and money by not speculating on accessing banks.

Money Transfer API!

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Your Money Transfer Portal API

  • Money Transfer API - Create your own money transfer portal with the money transfer portal API. It might help you get started with your own money site for domestic fund transfers.
  • White Label Solution - We've created a White Label Solution to give you a better and more appropriate option to launch your own money gateway. It's a well-organized software system with enhanced administrative capabilities and applications.
  • Software Development - To develop a money transfer website, create your own money transfer software. Check out our B2B software, which has multiple tiers (Agent/Retailer, Distributor) and a white label aspect to help you grow your business.
  • API Based White Label - EzytmTechnologies offers API-based or website-based b2b white label money transfer software. It's a one-stop solution for starting a money transfer and smartphone recharge business. You have the ability to create distributors and merchants. Service and customer relationship management software that are simple to use. Improved admin features allow you to manage your website without any technical knowledge.

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