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All-in-One Recharge Admin Software

Look no further! Ezytm Technologies offers top-notch recharge admin software to meet your business needs. With Our reputable and reliable services, you can be sure to process transactions quickly, efficiently, and with minimal errors.

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Our all-in-one multi recharge software is the top solution to enhance your recharge business operations. We being the best recharge software provider are technically ready to empower your business with a comprehensive suite of features, simplifying the complexities of managing recharge services.

From mobile and DTH recharges to data card and utility bill payments, our software offers a seamless and efficient experience. Whatever type of business you are in where recharge software is needed, our software will serve your customer's unique needs. With us as your software provider, you not only optimize your recharge business but also stay ahead in the dynamic and competitive market.

Above all, EzyTm is flawless and only produces services that are too flawless in themselves.

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Our Mobile Recharge Software

We are the provider of the best mobile recharge software in India. The top features available presently in our online recharge software are:

Easy API Integration

We as a recharge software company provide India's best Recharge API and software that can be easily integrated into your website or app. When you buy our recharge software, you also get access to the full-time support team who help in the easy API integration.

User-Friendly Interface

Our mobile recharge software has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring a perfect experience for users of all levels. With newly added interactive features and chat options in our software, your users can easily use your recharge platform.

Customise Commission Settings

You can implement commission customisation effortlessly with our software. This feature is essential for your business growth because, after some years, you may feel the need to increase or decrease your commission.

Bulk SMS/Whatsapp API Integration

Our mobile recharge software comes with bulk SMS/Whatsapp API integration. It provides you with options to send updates and notifications to multiple users about offers, discounts or anything that you may want to share with your customers.

Recharge And Wallet Transaction History

Our software provides users with access to details of every recharge and wallet transaction history and statements. This transparency helps customers keep track of their money in and out, promoting an intention of control and accountability in managing their transactions.

Wallet Transfer Facility

Ezytm Technologies' cutting-edge recharge software has a wallet transfer facility, allowing users to effortlessly transfer funds between wallets with a click. Our secure system ensures swift and error-free transactions. Our software gives the next level of convenience in digital transactions.

Unlimited User Access

In our recharge software, there are no restrictions on the number of users. We provide Unlimited User Access platform software. Our software is designed to accommodate an extensive user base without compromising performance or security.

Instant Refund For Failed Recharges

Our recharge software comes with amazing features like instant refunds for failed recharges. In the rare event of a transaction failure, our software ensures an immediate refund, alleviating any concerns and promoting trust among your platform users.

Multi Recharge Software!

Boost Your Recharge Business with India's Best Multi Recharge Software! Get started today and revolutionize your recharge business.
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Multi Recharge Admin Panel

Our Multi Recharge Admin Panel is the ultimate solution for all your recharge and bill payment needs. With this powerful multi recharge software, you can easily manage multiple recharges and bill payments from a single platform. The user-friendly interface allows you to perform all your transactions effortlessly, saving you valuable time and effort.

With our Multi Recharge Admin Panel, you can recharge mobiles, DTH, data cards, and other utility bill payment services in just a few clicks. You can also manage your customer accounts, set up commissions, and view transaction histories. The software is equipped with advanced security features to ensure the safety of your data and transactions.

Whether you are a small business owner or a large enterprise, our Multi Recharge Admin Panel is the perfect tool for you. It is reliable, efficient, and easy to use, making it the preferred recharge portal software for many businesses. Try it today and experience hassle-free recharge and bill payment management.

Instantly top-up mobiles, DTH, and data cards, everything gets easy with our multi recharge admin panel software. You can easily provide your customers with swift and hassle-free recharge options. Stay ahead in the fast-paced business world with Ezytm's efficient multi recharge software.
EzyTm technologies also allow customers to recharge their DTH from the comfort of their own homes through our online website services, with no disruption to their DTH service. You may also save your online transactions for later use and take advantage of numerous discounts.
Simplify lives with Ezytm's Utility Bill Payment API service. Your customers can conveniently settle electricity, water, gas, and other bills seamlessly through our user-friendly API integration. This is a comprehensive solution for the payment of every type of utility bill.
If you want to integrate the domestic money transfer(DMT) feature into your platform then you can use our online recharge software which is very simple and convenient. Our software has features to send money through IMPS, NEFT, RTGS & more.
If you want to run a business with an Aadhar Enabled Payment System then you can use our online recharge software that can help you to run your business smoothly. With the integration of our software, you can facilitate Aadhaar-based transactions for your customers easily.

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Easy & Instant Mobile Recharge

We allow clients to use a simple and straightforward mobile recharging transaction method so that they can have an excellent online experience with us and get the most out of our services. With EzyTm, all of your online working processes run smoothly and quickly while remaining within a reasonable price range.

Multiple Payment Options

There are various locations where multiple online payment options are available then why not with us. We are always up to date. As a result, we offer a variety of innovative and diverse online payment alternatives for our consumers, allowing them to recharge their electricity, broadband, landline, mobile, and any other device quickly and easily.

Online Convenience

Ezytmtechnologies provides a unique convenience environment for its clients to better comprehend the terms and conditions of using online recharging services. The website also allows customers to follow the methods and terms of using an online maintenance system at any time and from any location.

Available 24*7

Our staffs of professionals are available to its consumers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are continuously on the lookout for the best solutions to assist our customers in resolving their questions and issues that have hampered their seamless online mobile recharging process.

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Ezytm for your Recharge Software

Ezytm has the best recharge software solution for your business. Our software is designed to provide you with the most efficient and user-friendly experience in the market. With Ezytm, you can manage your business effortlessly and increase your revenue with ease. Besides these, here are the top 4 reasons to choose us as your recharge software provider:

  1. Efficient Admin Panel

    Our recharge software comes with an efficient and user-friendly admin panel that allows you to manage your business operations and transactions with ease. Our panel is designed to be easy to use and customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your business needs.

  2. Fully functional Distributor and Retailer Panel

    Our software provides fully functional distributor and retailer panels that enable your business to thrive. Our panels are designed to help you manage your distributors and retailers with ease, making it simple to keep track of your transactions and operations.

  3. Attrecttive Mobile App

    With our Online Mobile Recharge Software, you can get access to a mobile app that lets you manage your business on the go. Our app is designed to provide a seamless experience, allowing you to access all the features of our software from your mobile device.

  4. Competitive Price of Software

    At Ezytm, the best and most affordable recharge software company, we believe in providing our customers with the best value for their money. That's why we offer our recharge software at a competitive price, without compromising on quality or features. With Ezytm, you get the best of both worlds – high-quality recharge software at an affordable price.

  5. No Cost EMI Facility

    Ezytm Technologies is committed to excellent recharge software service along with a No Cost EMI facility. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any queries or concerns related to the No Cost EMI facility.

  6. Free Domain And Hosting

    Along with our online recharge software, you can get a free domain and hosting facility. We support small businesses with this move. We have benefitted many customers with this free domain and hosting scheme. You can not miss a chance like this.

  7. Free API Integration

    When you buy an online recharge software from our platform you get full technical support from our team for free API integration. You can get all kinds of support from our team for API integration to instantly begin the platform.

  8. Zero Maintenance Facility

    With our online mobile recharge software you also get zero maintenance facility so that you can keep your platform updated with the latest features and keep your customers using the best recharge platform. So we can be your best multi recharge software provider in India.


We will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business.


Recharge software is a type of software that automates the process of recharging mobile phone plans, DTH plans, and other types of prepaid services. It allows businesses to manage their customers, transactions, and inventory in a streamlined and efficient manner. This software can be used by mobile recharge shops, supermarkets, and other businesses that offer prepaid services.

Multi recharge software is a type of software that enables businesses to recharge multiple types of services such as mobile, dth, data card, and more in a single platform. That provides you to perform recharge operations with secure user management and recharge services. This software uses robotic recharge api to provide automated recharge services to the users.

There are multiple recharge companies in the market, but the best company is an Ezytm technology that has a strong team of professional developers. Here are the benefits of our recharge software:
  • Automated recharge process
  • Real-time tracking of transactions
  • Multiple payment options
  • Inventory management
  • Customer management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Available 24x7

Mobile recharge software is a technology solution designed to make the process of recharging mobile phone plans effortless and streamlined. It provides businesses with a centralized platform to manage their customers, transactions, and inventory, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced administrative overhead. With real-time transaction tracking, multiple payment options, and comprehensive customer and inventory management capabilities, mobile recharge software makes it easy for businesses to deliver high-quality recharge services to their customers.

Some multi recharge companies offer high commissions to users, but EzyTM Technologies stands out in the multi recharge industry with its commitment to offering high commission rates to users. Their recharge software solutions are not just technologically advanced, but also serve as a source of inspiration for future online mobile recharge software.

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