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Don't you think the way your smart mobile needs an intelligent and epitome approach to have recharging arrangements? Lend your time to EzyTm technologies that will definitely make your life more advanced and more of straightforward.

Associating with our business credo, you can launch your recharging business brand on the cornerstone of EzyTm's solid foundation. We provide thousands of benefits over other competitors in this industry, allowing you to proliferate. This business software will allow you to manage an unlimited number of retailers and distributors on your part while also providing a fully automated flexitime distribution program that includes a funds transfer API, rechargeable API, Omni recharging software, and extended code to meet all of your needs.

This Is Right Time to Being a Owner of a Recharge Software.

Planning an internet recharge business may appear complicated, but utilizing our services simplifies the process for both you and your clients. Furthermore, if you are looking for software that is rapid in its approach and improves the recharging process, we are the ones that will cover you completely. Ezytm is a superb software service integrator that includes a robust web application gateway as well as a thorough study to design and construct an app for a quick recharge system at a reasonable price.

What's more, you will receive an automated recharge application that is up to date and most aggressive in assisting clients at better margins. In addition, the app we offer can provide a third-party API vendor, as well as a merchant application and an API recharge system.

We offer an Autonomous Mobile Recharge Software that works with the Mobile Recharge API as a One SIM Mobile Recharge. This is a remarkable mobile recharge software in India, with unique features and benefits, including multiple Mobile Recharge API support, Unlimited Long Code support, and multiple SMS alert routes.

Above all, EzyTm is flawless and only produces services that are too flawless in themselves.

Recharge Category

    • Prepaid
    We provide you with the option of upgrading to a prepaid connection, which provides consumers with a simple system structure for recharging on any network they are linked to. You can restore your system whenever and anywhere you want, as long as your plans allow it.
    • Postpaid
    We provide you with the option of connecting to a post-paid network, where clients can swiftly pay for their network services after fully enjoying them. You may recharge your mobile app or devices in a single step using EzyTm technologies.
    • DTH
    EzyTm technologies also allow customers to recharge their DTH from the comfort of their own homes through our online website services, with no disruption to their DTH service. You may also save your online transactions for later use and take advantage of numerous discounts.
    • Landline
    By recharging their landline bill on the EzyTm technological platform, customers can now take advantage of a variety of long-distance calling services.You won't have to wait much to recharge your landline device because partnering with us speeds up the process.
    • Broadband
    The bill for broadband services can also be paid online, where consumers benefit from quick payment availability inside a safe transactional process, as well as exciting offers from EzyTm.
    • Electricity
    There's no need to sit in the sweltering heat when you can just pay your electricity bill online instead of kicking yourself for not going to the electricity office.
    Enjoy the uninterrupted services by recharging your electricity bill while you are at home or anywhere else in this world.


  • Easy & Instant Mobile Recharge

    We allow clients to use a simple and straightforward mobile recharging transaction method so that they can have an excellent online experience with us and get the most out of our services. With EzyTm, all of your online working processes run smoothly and quickly while remaining within a reasonable price range.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    There are various locations where multiple online payment options are available then why not with us. We are always up to date. As a result, we offer a variety of innovative and diverse online payment alternatives for our consumers, allowing them to recharge their electricity, broadband, landline, mobile, and any other device quickly and easily.

  • Online Convenience

    Ezytmtechnologies provides a unique convenience environment for its clients to better comprehend the terms and conditions of using online recharging services. The website also allows customers to follow the methods and terms of using an online maintenance system at any time and from any location.

  • Available 24*7

    Our staffs of professionals are available to its consumers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are continuously on the lookout for the best solutions to assist our customers in resolving their questions and issues that have hampered their seamless online mobile recharging process.


We will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business.