Online Payment Gateway

Accept payments from all major credit and debit card networks
like Visa, Mastercard, American Express and RuPay.

Online Payment Gateway

Credit card payment is one of the convenient, fastest and day by day becoming the popular way of making the payment online. Online shopping, online purchase, Online Transactions are becoming a integral part of businesses.

In online credit card processing, the biggest issue at stake is SECURITY. At Ezytm, we have ensured that you have no worries on the online credit card processing front as you expand your operations in the online world.

Quick Integration with Website:

1. Uses industry-standard SSL (Standard Sockets Layer) technology, which is used worldwide, for this data encryption while processing credit cards. This facilitates secure online credit card processing.

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2. Ezytm also follows strict in-house security guidelines to ensure confidentiality of your customer information.

3. Adopts stringent security measures to ensure that critically sensitive information, such as your customer's personal information. And their credit card details, are protected.

4. Your customers enter all their personal information and credit card details on a secure server and the same is encrypted before it is transmitted over the Internet to the bank payment gateway.


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