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School Management Portal Benefits

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The principal or head of school can review the overview of the school's overall activity - classroom material, student information, and calendars - via the principal communication site. They can communicate with parents, instructors, and school administration in real time. There is no need to manage different usernames and passwords because it is a centralised and secure platform.

The ERP system serves as an information intake, with portals serving as the information outlet. Principals can access the principal portal to view attendance, school strength, fee collection by category, and payrolls for employed employees. They can also send messages to teachers and parents individually or in mass.

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In a graphical depiction, the management portal allows the principal or anybody from the school administration who has been allowed access to have easy access to details such as student information, fees, news, attendance, parent's login history, and library transactions. It makes schools efficient by streamlining administrative processes and eliminating unnecessary paperwork.

School staff can access the management site to view fee collection by category, annual reports, and batch-by-batch dropouts. They can immediately collect mark sheets, transfer certificates, and other important papers from present and former students.

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Our online school ERP is linked to the teacher portal, a virtual tool used by instructors to establish cordiality with parents. It was created specifically to meet the demands of schools affiliated with several indian boards of education, such as the IB, ICSE, CBSE, and IGCSE. Teachers can upload images and event information to the communication portal, which helps them communicate with parents. Teachers have access to student information, as well as a faculty and staff directory.

The portal's SMS and notification feature, which bridges the teacher-parent contact divide, is its standout feature. Teachers may give parents notes, assignments, and other vital information without having to meet them in person. It makes communication much more efficient, quick, and painless.

Teachers can use the teacher portal to track attendance, enter subject-specific test scores, and manage mark sheets. Faculty can use the library management tool to look for and reserve books for themselves.

The EzytmTechnologies mobile apps have most of the functionality of the teacher site (compatible with both Android and iOS platforms).Teachers may access their lesson plans, timetables, upcoming events, progress reports, and student attendance by logging in with their unique user ID.

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The EzytmTechnologies parent portal, which is designed to operate with our online school ERP, centralises all school-parent interaction and acts as a single point of reference for parents. It allows parents to keep track of their children's daily activities and communicate with schools and teachers. School event monitoring, student attendance module, assignment status & submission, disciplinary remarks, parent diary, fee management, examination & result are just a few of the features.

Parents can access the academic calendar and send messages to instructors and the principal at any time by logging in with their user id. In addition to filing leaves online, they may view their words class schedule and timely report cards, as well as track their progress.

The portal, which is linked to the school's ERP software, keeps track of each student complete information. It allows parents to pay their child's school fees online.

Parents can use the library to look for books and monitor the progress of their library transactions. They can reserve books for their children using the parent portal Because we provide all information on a single platform, our parent communication saves time for parents.


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