05 May 2022

How to Start Mobile Recharge Software Business in India?


As mobiles are becoming an intelligent tech need of every individual, the technology within different smartphone provider companies is also raising their bar to produce something new in the market that can attract a huge mass of people. As a result, we had hundreds of innovative phone companies competing against each other, proving themselves to be the top class in providing an advanced range of faculties and expanding their brand growth, ultimately being the no.1.

What about the mobile operators and the mobile recharging software? Are they also dealing with the surge in their business growth and profiting from their users? If yes, then how are these mobile recharge software businesses booming in the Indian market industry?

This seems exciting, and going through this blog will definitely let you understand how this topic has interested so many people to start a mobile recharge software business in India.

What is mobile recharge software?

Mobile recharge software is a tool that facilitates recharge operations. In simple words, recharge software is a platform where we receive recharge traffic from our users( retailer/customer) and transfer this traffic to vendors (APIs). This Software only works as a mediator or a link between those who want to do recharge and those who can do the recharge. Between this exchange for recharge Admin (Owner of recharge software) earns a good amount of money on each recharge in the form of commission.

Mobile recharge software comes in two different versions i.e. Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C). Let's understand both versions briefly:-

1. Business to business (B2B) - In this software, the transaction occurs between the two businesses.

Example: You are the admin of recharge software and you deal with retailers on the user side or directly divert the recharge traffic to the vendor company (APIs). Here no individual is involved in the complete recharge operation that’s why it is known as B2B recharge software.

2. Business to Customer (B2C) – In this software two parties are involved and one must be the customer itself. 

Example: Suppose an individual performs a recharge operation using recharge Application or Recharge software and that recharge is directly handled by the admin. In this example, two parties are involved i.e. admin(Business) and individual(Customer).

Here, the Recharge function includes both prepaid recharge and postpaid recharges.

What is multi-recharge software? 

As the name suggests multi means many. Multi Recharge Software is designed to cater to the requirement of all perspectives of the recharge industry. Now the question arises “is multi-recharge software only performing the recharge operation?” The answer is NO. Although as the name suggests it’s recharge software it can perform numerous other functions and comes up with many functionalities. Some of the services are:-

  1. Mobile recharge – prepaid and Postpaid
  2. DTH Recharge
  3. Domestic money transfer (DMT)
  4. Aadhar Enabled Payment System (AEPS)

Moreover, if stating the present scenario, the individual or business doesn't need to purchase the balance from each operator. What you can simply do is buy a harmonious balance from multi-recharge business operators so in order to recharge their consumers.

What are the steps to start the mobile recharge software business?

It all depends on your budget; once you have formalized your business planning, you have to rethink whether you need a mobile top-up recharge store or an online recharging faculty-based website. 

Step 1: Register your business: 

The very first step starts with the idea of registering yourself into a private limited company, as most of the recharging portals are or if you're a startup owner, you got multiple choices to have registration on recharging business software. 

A. You can go for a sole proprietorship corporate that indulges business making on a low budget and under the scope of unlimited liability. It's just a starting way to test your ideas and how you can implement them when put into action.

B. You can drive your ways for a private limited company as already stated. This type got limited liability and ensures that your business doesn't get failure recharge ratios. 

C. The third way is going into a partnership firm where you got a collaborator who wants to test your ideas and skills, but this, too, like the first one, is based on unlimited liability. 

Step 2: Gather legal documents:

Once you have decided which legal entity your business must join its force, next is the step to prepare some legal documents for your recharge portal business. This is helpful in case you got to deal with any business disputes in the future; having legal documents may help you get out of it. It is better to hire a lawyer for your professional business settings, and, moreover, you can also opt for various customized templates for your website portal.

Step 3: Arranged a domain, hosting, and a web admin:

The next step is to provide a domain name to your business and add the trademark so that your brand name gets fully secured. There are loads of platforms that can help you give the domain name for your business, or you can seek the help of expertised web developers who can easily integrate the API system and recharge script into your website from third-party support.

Step 4: Reserve an API and a Payment Gateway:

Either through the help of a web development company or the support of web developers, you should integrate the API and payment gateway for the recharge portal of your website. While the former directly incorporates the API and so, the latter makes you purchase the API from a third-party vendor. 

Step 5: Payment Processing Deployment with DSS certification:

The recharge portals, which have their integrated payment gateway setup, must also adhere to the DSS certification. SEO is also critical for businesses; this technique allows consumers to find their way to a company and improve traffic. You can also go using SMO to promote your brand identity.

What are the benefits one can get?

Having a mobile recharge business setup is actually very beneficial in today's atmosphere where you got millions of mobile phone users tethering to get the best use of their mobile applications. By establishing a business of mobile recharge software in India, you can significantly earn a good amount of wage within no time. Apart from this, there are several other advantageous points involved in this business-like, 

A. You don't need to put a lot of effort into founding this recharging business because all you need is a computer and internet access.

B. The recharge portals are easily accessible through a single platform, making them convenient to use by the customers.

C. By offering many telecoms recharges from the very same gateway, you will indeed be likely to collect a commission.

D. With the existence of B2B and B2C recharge software portals, you can easily use different types of SIMs for your administration and can generate more profit.

E. Having a recharging business is as simple as having your office in your pocket.


More than 80% of individuals nowadays prefer to recharge their phones at charging stations; still, the majority of people in semi-urban and rural locations are unaware of how to recharge their phones using mobile apps. 

The telecommunications industry is in a constant surge, and the number of cellular subscribers is rapidly increasing. In India, the multi-recharge software business has grown at an exponential rate in recent years. In this situation, a recharge business is one of the most incredible business startup ideas that you can start with little money and turn into a lucrative source of income.