A Brief Introduction of Recharge API

A Brief Introduction of Recharge API



What is an API?

API is an abbreviation of Application Programming Interface. The technical definition of API states that it is an interface between two software programs through which they communicate with each other.

Now let’s take a simple example for a better understanding of APIs.

Example – Let’s say you are using a Flight booking app to check whether flights are available on a particular date or not. When you log in to your account and enter the required information regarding flight timing, destination, etc. You get the details of all flights available on that date. But the question is how its work? The answer is, that this all happened with the help of APIs. Different airline APIs are already integrated into your mobile application. So when you search for a flight your mobile software communicates with different airlines' software and hits your requirement on their servers and retrieve the information.

What is recharge API?

As per the current market trends and boom in the telecom industry, the Mobile Recharge business is booming like hell. This expanded market demands more and more recharge software the market with vivid features and services. But do you know how these services and features get catered? Or how this recharge software performs this function? All these services and functions can only become functionality because of recharge APIs.

Recharge APIs work as a communication channel between the two-recharge software. Recharge API is a combination of a request and its response. The request contains a blend of domains and parameters. For accessing each service different APIs are integrated with the recharge software. Let’s say for recharge operation recharge API is integrated with mobile recharge software, for bill payments bill API is integrated, and so on. These API help the user software to get connect and retrieve data from source/vendor software.

When we say recharge API what we meant by it is not just an API for performing recharge function only instead it can perform many other functions along with recharge. Such as Balance checks, Status checks, and auto complaints. Recharge APIs are widely available in the market depending on your requirement you can choose any one of them. How to choose the best recharge API is also explained in the later part of this blog.

Ezytm Technologies holds a good market grab in providing recharge API. Ezytm Technologies is committed to providing the best recharge API service which helps in boosting your business.

Methods of recharge APIs

There are basically two methods of recharge software available in the market. Namely,

  1. GET Method
  2. POST Method

Let’s have a look at these APIs

  1. GET Method – Every recharge API consists of the domain name and parameters like token ID, Amount, Mobile number, etc. When domain names and parameters are bound in a single URL such a method of APIs is known as the GET Method.
  2. POST Method – When domain name and parameters are passed separately such method of API is known as the POST method.

How do Recharge APIs work?

The above question is among the frequently asked question on Google regarding recharge APIs How its work? If you think to know the answer to this basic question you should possess some technical knowledge then you are completely wrong. The working of the recharge API is as simple as doing a recharge. Is performing recharge tough? No!!!!!! similarly, recharge software also works on the simple principle of sending and receiving information. Let’s have a look at how its works.

Recharge API works on the basis of requests sent by host software and response received from vendor software. When a recharge process is initiated, the request is sent. This recharge request consists of some basic information like domain name, token id, mobile number, amount of recharge, etc.  

Example – domain_name/recharge?TokenId=TokenID&MobileNo=mobilenumber&Amt=amt

When this request through API hits the vendor server above information passed in the parameters form is checked. First of all, Token ID is checked if the vendor server finds this information correct then only the rest of the information is checked. Suppose that if the token id is correct then the system checks whether the mobile number, Amount, and entered are correct or not, and if the information is correct then the vendor server returns the response of success for that recharge transaction and recharge API integrated into host software retrieve a response of success otherwise fail.

How can we earn through recharge API?

If you unfold the layer of activity on this mother earth you will find economy/finance in the end. Similarly, the main purpose of integrating recharge API in your software is to earn money from the same. There are an ample number of ways available to earn a huge amount of commission from recharge API. It varies from integrating it to reselling it. Some of the ways are as follows: -

  1. Integrate recharge API in Recharge Software- The most famous way of earning money through recharge API is to integrate it into your own recharge software and recharge as much as you can from it. Release heavy recharge traffic through API to vendor server and earn commission as per your transition.
  2. Resell Recharge API – If you have an API panel in your recharge software start reselling the recharge API. Reselling recharge API has a dual benefit. One you can sell it at a certain price and the second you get a handsome amount of commission on each transaction. In fact, many people in the market are doing the same.
  3. Build your Own network – your network consists of 3 members – Master Distributor, Distributor, and Retailer. If you have a good network of these three then you can sell through it. You can earn as much money as you want.
How to choose the best API in the market?

As there are oceans of recharge APIs available in the market. Every next person in the market is selling recharge APIs and claims it’s the best recharge API in the market. So, it is very clear that one should choose the recharge API very carefully. There are so many criteria on which you can judge whether a Recharge API best suits you or not. Amongst many, a few of the parameters mentioned below on the basis of which you can find the best out of the best.

  1. Stock Availability – It is mandatory that when you are selecting API make sure that it has sufficient stock of all or some specific operator which can cater to your requirements. The very basic purpose of choosing a recharge API is to perform a recharge operation. So, it’s expected that whenever our recharge transaction hits the Recharge API of the vendor it should maintain sufficient stock (balance) of that specific operator so that our transaction reflects success status.
  2. Responsive API – Make sure that the API which you have selected should be responsive while performing all supporting operations not just recharge. By all supporting operations, we mean balance checks, Status checks, and so on. Many a time after integrating API, the user came to know that only recharge’s request and response are working fine apart from it no other function is working like balance fetch, etc.
  3. Success Ratio – Success ratio also plays a vital role when choosing recharge API. The success ratio of your recharge transaction is directly related to your revenue as well as your reputation and trust in the market. Let’s take a scenario you choose a recharge API whose success ratio is 50%, which means among 100 recharge transactions only 50 recharges reached success status. Now it's very tough for your retailer and API users to divert their recharge traffic toward you because half of their recharges is getting fail. Along with it, your revenue at the end of the day falls up to 50%. That’s why it’s advisable that one should either ask or test the success ratio count before buying any recharge API from the market.
  4. Commission – It's quite obvious that one should choose recharge API which offers the best commission rate in the market. But yes, again I want to draw your attention to the above point. Usually, what happened in search of the best commission we overlook the above mentions and that proves problematic in the end.
  5. Complaint Resolving Time – It is expected that all the statuses received through recharge API to host software should be real. But suppose if due for some reason there is dispute arises on a recharge then a good recharge API provider should resolve it within an expected time frame.

After years of experience and rigorous efforts, Ezytm Technologies come up with Recharge API which can cater to all the above-mentioned features in their APIs. Ezytm Recharge API is one point solution to all your recharge problems.


If we dive deep into the recharge business, we come to know that recharge APIs are the backbone of the whole recharge industry.  All the operations are performed because of recharge APIs. So, one must be careful while choosing it. If you have proper knowledge and understanding of recharge APIs you can for sure achieve many milestones of achievement in your recharge business and Ezytm technologies is always there to give your recharge business a new height.



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